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Answers to all your questions for a seamless, stress-free visit.


Your Child's First Visit

Our goal is to make your child’s first visit as fun, carefree, and easy as possible. Your child’s safety and oral health is our main priority. As a new mom, Dr. Nadia understands the privilege and responsibility of caring for your child, and she promises to treat your child like her own. Recognizing the potential unease both you and your child may have when visiting the dentist, we strive to be attentive, communicative, and empathetic to each child’s needs.

When your child comes to see us for the first time, our main focus is on making sure they feel comfortable, safe, happy, and excited to come back. Our goal is to provide a first visit that is both memorable and enjoyable, instilling in your child a sense of excitement about taking care of their teeth and achieving a radiant smile.

During your child’s initial dental appointment, Dr. Nadia will provide a regular cleaning and comprehensive exam. X-rays may be taken to assess the overall dental well-being for some children. Any inquiries you have will be addressed by Dr. Nadia, who will also discuss customized oral care tailored exclusively for your child’s specific needs.

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We are in network with most PPO insurances. We will handle the claim submission and communication with insurance companies on your behalf. Each insurance varies, so we will make every effort to navigate this with you and give you a proper estimate before your visit. We don’t like surprises and will ensure you are well aware of all cost and coverage!

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We are in network with most PPO plans, however most insurance plans do provide patients with out of network benefits. Each plan varies, so we
will help you understand your plan and your benefits

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Dental insurance is like a booklet of vouchers, where a collaborative decision between your employer and the insurance company determines the benefits they opt to include. Arbitrary restrictions come into play, whether it be the percentage covered, predetermined monetary limits per individual or family, or the frequency of permissible treatments. Certain waiting periods may arise during which specific treatments cease to qualify as covered benefits, despite your contributions towards and possession of an insurance policy. And if this is not confusing enough, the coverage provided by your insurance may not align with what is necessary to maintain your child’s good health.

We will work closely with you and your insurance provider to ensure you are well aware of any costs and have all questions answered. We just ask that you inform us of any changes to your insurance!


Questions By Our Patients

Answers to all your questions for a seamless, stress-free visit.